Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am not going to let petty arguments
waste my life away
I know myself front to cover
I have each page memorized
Every chapter, every word
I'm the book you could read hundreds of times
Each time you find something new that you didn't see before
But I'm the only one who knows the whole story, the metaphors,
the meanings behind the words
Being honest is the only way to live
I don't waste my time with hidden motives
If I wanted him, I would act on it
i will never go crawling back
to anyone of my past
I'm as strong as they get
Each experience adds a new ring like the years of a tree
They all make me stronger,
you and no one else can knock me to the ground
My branches stand high above you
I won't be affected by your negativity
It won't weigh me down
This is my life and I've chosen to live it with a smile
My laugh is the song on repeat
And I'll forever be dancing to its tune
You can choose to view me with disfavor
but I'll keep on smiling
I'll leave you in the dust
I'll just keep running toward the sun
Up until my day comes
There's no stopping me.
There is nothing you can do to break down my positivity.
You may have my heart
and you may break it,
but what's wounded can always be healed
It's been mended before.
I'm not afraid to take a risk.
And I'm not afraid of failure.
Laying on my back in the cool grass
A sudden breeze lifts my hair above my face
It is conducting the symphony of stars overhead
A constellation keeps forming itself through my imagination
of the words I so badly want to say to you
There are so many ways to say it
Too many words, too little time
No matter how many times i rework it in my head
It ends up with the same meaning
You are infinitely beautiful
unlike the stars which shine with nonexistent light
The light which appears to us,
but in reality holds no life
Your beauty lies deep within your soul
When your physical body dies much like the stars
Your beauty will transcend your body
In your soul
Your heartbeat is the countdown to your life
While I look up at the night sky
I know we'll live on
I just know we'll keep on living

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My tears tell the stories of so many goodbyes
Evaporating into silent, nonexistent hellos
Standing in the terminal
With flowers for you
Standing until they wilt
And eventually they’ll rot
I’ll just keep standing
Until there’s nothing left to stand for
And when I collapse
The ground will catch me
I’ll be laying amidst the rotting flowers
Singing in pathetic harmony

Monday, May 11, 2009

I've been laying down here for hours now
My body's imprint lies in the earth
The wildflowers are swaying above me
In tune with the orchestra of the summer sounds
I've been counting the stars,
Connected them in patterns
I get them confused with the fireflies circling above
They are so beautiful
They create their own universe
And I can reach for their stars
Holding the light in my hands
I am so content here on my own,
but I still think about you
You've taken up a permanent residence in my mind
But mostly in my heart
I used to count your freckles
Connected them in patterns
The sun has said its goodbye
And I'm welcoming it once again
The hours went by so fast
You stayed in my thoughts
Its almost as if you were here with me
Maybe you were in your dreams
Will you wake up and feel it as a reality?
I'd love to share the beauty of this scenery with you
And I'm hoping that I already have

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You are the insomniacs cure
You allow the frail body to fall asleep
To release its tension
I'm losing myself in you
And I'm finding myself in you
Are you feeling it too?
It is a free fall
I have jumped but not yet landed
I am diving into the unknown
But you are there to catch me
You are holding me high
You know, I've been hurt before
It has told me not to trust
But I can't help it
The way you look at me when I'm not looking
I can feel it
It tells me otherwise
You were made to trust
I was made to trust you
I hope you can trust me too.
The sound of your voice
It is enough to make me feel alive
It is raw and it is beautiful
And it is yours
It's speaking to me
You know you make me feel special
You know you make me feel
It is a free fall
You have jumped but not yet landed
You are diving into the unknown
And I am ready to catch you
I am holding you high, holding so tight
I know you have been hurt before, but that's alright
And it has told you not to trust
But you can't help it
The way I look at you when you're not looking
You can feel it
It tells you otherwise
I was made to trust
You were made to trust me
I hope I can trust you too.
Your life is the book
I never want to put down
The story draws me in
Each page is beautiful and true
Keep me reading
You keep me reading

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Forever changed
Lost in your smile
Your eyes envelope my soul
No longer is there distance
Infinite closeness
Beyond physical capabilities
Our hands are so small
Compared to what lies within
My feelings are exploding outward
Overcoming the physical being
An eternity, this eternity
Lies within, lies ahead of us
This irresistible fate
Keeps me guessing
Curiosity will never fade
Everything about you is important
I want to know everything
So deep, I yearn for more
You are enough and I can't get enough of you
All of you