Saturday, November 29, 2008

if you judge those who surround you
and the world
you must think yourself superior
which has no truth to it at all.
no one is superior to anyone else
our souls are equally divine,
equally beautiful
and equally individual
our judges are based on appearance.
on the physical matter of this world
and we can only judge with our physical matter.
if we lived through our souls,
judgement would not exist.
our souls transcend judgement, society, and comparisons.
we are but one wholly original mass of love, grace, and honesty
separate, we are individuality of all sorts, but none of which are negatively bound.
our souls have the ability to help us grow
and help us find our true human meaning
free from the hate and the constant struggles we find ourselves in
there is happiness in everything. 
you can't ignore the ugly society which surrounds you...
you must find a way to live amongst the hideous, 
but let your inner-beauty shine brighter 
than the darkness which covers our land
change is where the soul is
and happiness is where the change lies
we must be honest with ourselves.
love ourselves and others. for their souls.
for simply EXISTING.
there is no reason not to love.
love is a bit of heaven.
while loneliness is a bit of hell.
society teaches us to be selfish
and selfishness leads to loneliness.
we must love one another 
and after we have found out individual happiness,
we must share it with everyone.
selfishness is the downfall of man.
dishonesty, lies, and independence
(independence based on selfish desires to live without sharing your love and beauty with someone else)
positivity is key to a healthy world
and society is anything but positive.

Friday, November 28, 2008

i've been distracting myself from the constant pain
by surrounding myself with those who know me best
i told you i had given you all of my love
and that you had taken my entire heart
i still feel the hurt, the emptiness i felt
when our three year relationship brutally ended
but i have realized that my heart is a never-ending
producer of love
my love will never stop.
my love has been radiating out of my tired body
and into the hearts of my friends
my family, the ones that are here to help me and love me no matter what
i'm not saying i am hurting any less
because losing you is the hardest heartbreak i've ever had to deal with
but at least i know that through no matter what,
my soul will never stop loving.
i will never be able to give out "too much"
like i thought i had
if there was a limit, then what would love be?
just another norm set by society
the only thing that should rule love is what lies within us
we must have a never-ending supply 
or else love wouldn't be love.
marriage fails because people only give what they think is fair
when love ISN'T fair
Love ISN'T logical.
not only does one have an infinite amount of love to give,
but has the capacity to receive this same infinite love
we trap ourselves into thinking we don't deserve the love we receive
or that we can only "give so much"
which to some extent is true, but the truth is
love is ever-lasting, never gone, and will never die.
love thrives deeper within us
and outlives our frail bodies' by being infinite.
if our supply of love never-ends, then time has no limit to this love, either.
it's all about the soul, what's inside.
it's not physical or rational.
i hate how society has taught me to only give as much as i receive... 
because i have never been able to do that. i've always given more and for some reason felt guilty.
i should always give more and hope that someday the person i love will realize that they have this ability to infinitely direct love my way.
i know i can have this.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The song circling itself inside of my head
Replaying each word
The dizziness, overwhelming
The thoughts in my head
Drowning me beneath the fog
The unknown
I am alone
Beneath this vacillating uncertainty
The words fail to spill out;
Physically, each word falls down
each cheek, as the anxiety-filled liquid
wells up in each topaz-colored eye
"This loneliness is suffocating
these thoughts are burying me alive."
The sun shines through each gap between each blind.
My face appears dry,
yet layered with the moisture of my tears.
Each tear watering the seed of a new thought
A re-newed feeling of desolation
Each one, growing deeper than the last
The roots wrapping themselves around my body, my mind
Choking, pressing harder
The words will forever fail to be heard
If keeping my mouth shut comes so easily,
why can't I cut off my mind from these thoughts?
The reservoir has crashed over
Thoughts filling up each and every space, each second
that I thought I had to breath, now gone
Three words well over
The words I was dreading to hear myself say
"You are alone."