Monday, September 29, 2008

Collect your thoughts
Constantly overflowing onto the ground
Each idea implanting itself
A seed with exponentially flawed growth
Lost within the roots
A glimpse of light revealed
Lifting its limp leaves closer
Towards a brand new day
Where a hand will hold you up high
There's more to the world than this
One day love will peek through the crack in the door
And engulf your pain
Take it all away

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wounded together
Breaking apart
Temptation leaks out like a poisonous gas
Filling up the room
Each particle reaching out for you
Hold your breath
Don't let it kill you
Run to where the your life meets a change
Each branch of self-worth growing
Closer and closer towards the sun
Positive light injects itself within you
And those around you realize
The truth, which is revealed
Clenched teeth form a smile
Radiating love in every form
Muted societal pressure
You're in control
Your depression washed away
By your tears of self-renewal
The barrier dissipates
You're free

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My eyes are wide with concern
Muted by this lack of natural beauty
All color, all wonderment washed away
By the break down of the roots
From which this world became
The roots that were once so strong
Shriveled up underneath the concrete
This false foundation
Just doesn't hold my footprints like the soil
Which once held the roots
to my very being
The stubborn imitation of the stone that once was
The real beginning
Plants weaving their way through the cracks in the street
Half-faded, the sun blocked by the street signs
The buildings towering above
The trunks of the trees older than our minds
Shrink underneath technological advances
A cool breeze puts shivers down my legs
While my palms are warm with sweat
My anxiety melts through my skin
My fingerprints produce tears
My eyes too tired to care
Too tired of the repeated scenery
I need to get out of here
Walk until my feet are blistered and bare
Where the roots are plugged into the ground
Intertwined between my toes
And the wires of the past cut short
My heart remains within the trees
Each ring gives me comfort
Each branch, welcoming me home

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's so hard to feel like an individual in this world
Each going down a separate path
Twists, plateaus, U-turns, unexpected accidents, surprises, rage,
Each of us following similar, yet different routes
All leading down one long-winding road
A dead end every time
Some afraid of the death which we know inevitable
While others accept the unknown
My life is equal to the lives of others
I am just a photo copy of what's expected of me
School smarts are inlaid within me
Does that make it right?
My instinct tells me there's more to life than this path I'm following
A way to pave my own
Forever criticized by the stereotypes
They think they're smarter and more prepared
This world wasn't created on textbooks and money
I pray to God that I will figure out this mystery
Before it's too late
My life cannot be washed away without this change
My faith leads me away from what's common and comfortable
Where love overcomes this curtain of lies
Where the trees reach farther toward the sky than the buildings in the skyline
My eyes sigh with this lack of natural beautiful
There's more to this than what surrounds me
The truth lies within my soul

I wonder what it would be like
To live in a world
Where I'm not constantly reminding of myself
If my intentions
Were to create a change
For others
Maybe I would love
Instead of being a product
That keeps falling apart
My pieces taped together
An optical illusion
Diverting attention
Away from my imperfection
If only I could change the world
For you
Caring more about ending the pain in this world
My pain would slowly dissolve
Away my insecurities
My soul thrives for more than this world
Full of questions
I am ready to seek the answers
Irrational love from the population
Out of this comfort zone
Stepping over the line
Self-addiction no longer rules my mind
No longer prone to love the meaningless lies of this world
My faith giving me a reason to love
Instead of a reason to judge and hate
Loving people just because they exist!
In this complicated mess of a world