Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I wonder what it would be like
To live in a world
Where I'm not constantly reminding of myself
If my intentions
Were to create a change
For others
Maybe I would love
Instead of being a product
That keeps falling apart
My pieces taped together
An optical illusion
Diverting attention
Away from my imperfection
If only I could change the world
For you
Caring more about ending the pain in this world
My pain would slowly dissolve
Away my insecurities
My soul thrives for more than this world
Full of questions
I am ready to seek the answers
Irrational love from the population
Out of this comfort zone
Stepping over the line
Self-addiction no longer rules my mind
No longer prone to love the meaningless lies of this world
My faith giving me a reason to love
Instead of a reason to judge and hate
Loving people just because they exist!
In this complicated mess of a world


erica jean holmes said...

i've never read anything you've written before, you're brilliant.

Jennifer Landon said...

SUP HOE! i gots a blogspot too!!

ps. i like your pictures.

Claggy said...

Where was that photo taken?

Claggy said...

I see... I shall go there sometime then in the future.