Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's so hard to feel like an individual in this world
Each going down a separate path
Twists, plateaus, U-turns, unexpected accidents, surprises, rage,
Each of us following similar, yet different routes
All leading down one long-winding road
A dead end every time
Some afraid of the death which we know inevitable
While others accept the unknown
My life is equal to the lives of others
I am just a photo copy of what's expected of me
School smarts are inlaid within me
Does that make it right?
My instinct tells me there's more to life than this path I'm following
A way to pave my own
Forever criticized by the stereotypes
They think they're smarter and more prepared
This world wasn't created on textbooks and money
I pray to God that I will figure out this mystery
Before it's too late
My life cannot be washed away without this change
My faith leads me away from what's common and comfortable
Where love overcomes this curtain of lies
Where the trees reach farther toward the sky than the buildings in the skyline
My eyes sigh with this lack of natural beautiful
There's more to this than what surrounds me
The truth lies within my soul

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