Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My heavy heart is weighing me down, my chest is one with the ground, yet the earth feels so good beneath me. The grass starts tying itself around me in perfect green bows. My arms and legs are the roots of a tree stump and I'm not moving anymore. I'd much rather have a big heart than a cold one. I'd rather be hurt than be the cause, yet I am heartache and it's seeping into your chest and there's nothing I can do. My mistakes are clouds floating overhead, you're trying to guess their shape, but they're raining on you instead.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Your voice travels across the ocean, in with the tide, passing state borders and county lines. It wanders its way under my door, between my sheets, up past my face. It's a cool breeze on a summer night, the cold side of the pillow. "Everyone will leave sometime," you say, but what does that mean? Life is just a cycle from the day we are born up until the day we die. Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye, hello, and goodbye. I'm here when I want to be there and I've always been told to follow my heart, but maybe I don't know where it is anymore. I'm standing and sitting and I'm running around in circles, but I've lost track of which direction I'm going. My compass is broken and I'm out of breath. I think it's time my heart found me because I'm all out of places to look.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Your eyes are spilling out all over our hands and your tears are like raindrops falling one by one on your chest where a puddle is formed right above the place where your heart now has a hole. Your feet are up on the wooden table and they've been there for so long I'm starting to think the roots from the dead tree are going to start to intertwine with your legs. The room's filled with a stale fog that will never lift and instead of talking, you keep filling your mouth with the smoke of cigarette after cigarette and now the fire alarms going off and it's saying everything you've been trying to say. Screaming the same thing over and over again while you just sit there and stare out the window. I can't even see you through the fog anymore and I'm starting to cough against the sound of the alarm, and I'm reaching out for your hand, but I can't see past my elbow. I'm falling through the haze and right before I hit the cold floor you pull me up next to you. I still can't see you, but I feel you looking at me. All I can hear is that damn fire alarm, but I can feel what you're trying to say through the tight grasp you have on my hand. You won't let go, you'll never let go and neither will I. And that's all you needed to hear.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my spine is like a ladder and you're climbing up into my head. you're under my skin and you're making your way in between my ribs, playing my heartstrings until your fingers are raw, trying to play the right chord. you're just going to keep strumming and strumming until your fingers bleed and your blood mixes in with mine and we won't know the difference. you're never going to play that chord you're looking for and you're just going to keep mixing in with my blood until i overflow and stain that white canvas red.