Saturday, November 29, 2008

if you judge those who surround you
and the world
you must think yourself superior
which has no truth to it at all.
no one is superior to anyone else
our souls are equally divine,
equally beautiful
and equally individual
our judges are based on appearance.
on the physical matter of this world
and we can only judge with our physical matter.
if we lived through our souls,
judgement would not exist.
our souls transcend judgement, society, and comparisons.
we are but one wholly original mass of love, grace, and honesty
separate, we are individuality of all sorts, but none of which are negatively bound.
our souls have the ability to help us grow
and help us find our true human meaning
free from the hate and the constant struggles we find ourselves in
there is happiness in everything. 
you can't ignore the ugly society which surrounds you...
you must find a way to live amongst the hideous, 
but let your inner-beauty shine brighter 
than the darkness which covers our land
change is where the soul is
and happiness is where the change lies
we must be honest with ourselves.
love ourselves and others. for their souls.
for simply EXISTING.
there is no reason not to love.
love is a bit of heaven.
while loneliness is a bit of hell.
society teaches us to be selfish
and selfishness leads to loneliness.
we must love one another 
and after we have found out individual happiness,
we must share it with everyone.
selfishness is the downfall of man.
dishonesty, lies, and independence
(independence based on selfish desires to live without sharing your love and beauty with someone else)
positivity is key to a healthy world
and society is anything but positive.

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