Tuesday, December 2, 2008

writing you letters
that i'll never send
you'll never see
the things i cannot say to you any longer
filling up pages and pages
i could write a book full of my feelings
but for now, i will keep them to myself
at least i'll try
for your sake
you need your time
your space
and it does hurt, but you mean enough to me
that i can try to help to remain silent
at least for now
so that we can start over
and that you can find your place in this world
but i hope you know 
that you will always have my feelings 
if you want them
whether they're hidden in a box
or filling up my notebooks
stacked high against my walls
or being created into a book, a work of art
my soul will always find you amazing and beautiful
no matter if we're together or not
there is no one in existence identical to you
i can say that without ever meeting more than 1% of the population
because there is no way there is another you
just like there is no way that there is anyone exactly like me out there
at least that's a bit of freedom, knowing that much
in this monotonous world
i hope you can find happiness and i hope that i can too
and whether it be as friends or more,
i hope that our happiness can always be connected

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