Friday, December 26, 2008

Forever guessing,
wondering why I'm sitting here waiting
Waiting for you to call,
for life to happen
for whatever it is that I need to find
To come into focus
Every thing's a blur.
I'm trapped in the dizziness
Of this selfish human life
I want people to feel loved
just by looking at me
I want to be able to make everyone smile
I don't want to be a cause of pain,
but a cause of change
for myself
and others
I want my blood to flow thick with hope
and happiness
An understanding of this world 
and how I want my world to be within the one I was forced to live on
Distance seems so inadequate,
so many faces I've never seen and will never see
So many stories I will never hear
Even if I do travel the world, I will still be missing billions of stories
of theories, of causes, and of love
I'm tired of feeling guilty to others and to myself
for living  on auto-pilot for so long
I'm going to experience things
and I'm not letting you go
I have a connection here on earth 
And I'm not willing to throw it away
Because of distance. 

1 comment:

C.S. Perry said...

The world, so they say, is a big place and not much in it is worth more than a Tinker's damn.
Except, of course, Love, if we can be led to believe what the poets tell us.
But then, after all, what have they ever really done for us?
Trust what you can see, smell, hear, touch and taste.
And sometimes...the distance across the dinner table can be too vast a gap to bridge.