Friday, November 7, 2008

The song circling itself inside of my head
Replaying each word
The dizziness, overwhelming
The thoughts in my head
Drowning me beneath the fog
The unknown
I am alone
Beneath this vacillating uncertainty
The words fail to spill out;
Physically, each word falls down
each cheek, as the anxiety-filled liquid
wells up in each topaz-colored eye
"This loneliness is suffocating
these thoughts are burying me alive."
The sun shines through each gap between each blind.
My face appears dry,
yet layered with the moisture of my tears.
Each tear watering the seed of a new thought
A re-newed feeling of desolation
Each one, growing deeper than the last
The roots wrapping themselves around my body, my mind
Choking, pressing harder
The words will forever fail to be heard
If keeping my mouth shut comes so easily,
why can't I cut off my mind from these thoughts?
The reservoir has crashed over
Thoughts filling up each and every space, each second
that I thought I had to breath, now gone
Three words well over
The words I was dreading to hear myself say
"You are alone."

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