Monday, May 11, 2009

I've been laying down here for hours now
My body's imprint lies in the earth
The wildflowers are swaying above me
In tune with the orchestra of the summer sounds
I've been counting the stars,
Connected them in patterns
I get them confused with the fireflies circling above
They are so beautiful
They create their own universe
And I can reach for their stars
Holding the light in my hands
I am so content here on my own,
but I still think about you
You've taken up a permanent residence in my mind
But mostly in my heart
I used to count your freckles
Connected them in patterns
The sun has said its goodbye
And I'm welcoming it once again
The hours went by so fast
You stayed in my thoughts
Its almost as if you were here with me
Maybe you were in your dreams
Will you wake up and feel it as a reality?
I'd love to share the beauty of this scenery with you
And I'm hoping that I already have

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