Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am not going to let petty arguments
waste my life away
I know myself front to cover
I have each page memorized
Every chapter, every word
I'm the book you could read hundreds of times
Each time you find something new that you didn't see before
But I'm the only one who knows the whole story, the metaphors,
the meanings behind the words
Being honest is the only way to live
I don't waste my time with hidden motives
If I wanted him, I would act on it
i will never go crawling back
to anyone of my past
I'm as strong as they get
Each experience adds a new ring like the years of a tree
They all make me stronger,
you and no one else can knock me to the ground
My branches stand high above you
I won't be affected by your negativity
It won't weigh me down
This is my life and I've chosen to live it with a smile
My laugh is the song on repeat
And I'll forever be dancing to its tune
You can choose to view me with disfavor
but I'll keep on smiling
I'll leave you in the dust
I'll just keep running toward the sun
Up until my day comes
There's no stopping me.
There is nothing you can do to break down my positivity.
You may have my heart
and you may break it,
but what's wounded can always be healed
It's been mended before.
I'm not afraid to take a risk.
And I'm not afraid of failure.

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