Wednesday, April 22, 2009

While you are wasting your time
using each other
What could help you move on
Who could be there,
Is walking straight past your steamy window
The hand you could've held
keeps walking
and away from you.
Leaving you unsatisfied,
in your disheartened solidarity
next to the pointless lover at your side
You both lay there,
envisioning a better tomorrow
when that day is already long gone
The footprints of that bright future have faded
no longer imprinted in the dirt next to your house
your bedroom, with the jumbled up sheets
You've lost your chance
at being strong, moving on
You're stuck in the shadows of the meaningless
Elbows in the air,
The sweat attempts to wash away the feeling that it's all wrong
but the evaporation leaves behind a rough, bitter sense of guilt
The guilt of knowing
you're back where you were before.

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