Friday, April 24, 2009

Listening to the voices outside my window
Unfamiliar to me, but unmistakable to those surrounding them
The voices of the person in the other room
I could tell that voice out of a crowd in an instant
How individual the voices are that linger into our ears
Within our souls, embedded
How special the voices of our loved ones seem to us
Holding them tight
Letting them sooth us to sleep
Brushing my teeth until my gums bleed
Not for the purpose of cleaning,
but to prove that I'm alive
The blood flows due to the life I possess
Changing the trash that tells the story
of my days
The food I've consumed,
The receipts of the meaningless purchases
The materials filling my closet
They do not define who I am.
The stories the ones close to me hold tightly in their hearts
Those are what explain my existence
The beauty of my life is contained in the ones around me
Within me the secrets are locked up
They're the only thing keeping my story incomplete

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