Sunday, April 5, 2009

I've wrapped myself up,
sustaining the heat, the passion
It's all held within.
I cannot give it to you,
it's as if it is stolen from me
without warning
I cannot help or control the process
Who will take it from me, who i will give myself to
Who will make me smile the way i need to
It sneaks up on me
It never seems to work out
the way I want it to
I'm someone else's leftovers
I sit there on your mind,
but your effort is only to push me further away
toward the back of your mind
You want me to collect the dust
of your other thoughts
I am susceptible
You have the power to harm me,
but that's a step in the right direction
I am finally feeling again,
even if I'm bound to get hurt
It's worth it.

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