Saturday, April 11, 2009

There's a whirlwind of feelings surrounding me
Throwing my hair in my face
I'm running in every which direction
Toward and away from you
Should I follow my feelings or follow my head?
I think it's impossible for me to follow my head
My heart is uncontrollable
I think I like it that way,
but I'm sure you won't.
I'm everywhere at once,
but you can't find me
I'm a mystery to you
Read me like an open book,
but you'll notice my pages are out of order
The wind picks them up and carries them wherever it likes
It makes life more interesting
My story thus far is a comedy,
and tragedy because we all die in the end
It's as non-fiction as it comes
My life is my life, no false lines
to make you laugh
My life is highly amusing
My feelings are easily hated
(on the surface)
You know you love them deep down,
the mixed up wonders which define who I am
You raise your eyebrow,
I'm undefinable.
The more you know me,
the less ordinary you will feel.

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