Friday, January 16, 2009

Living a habitual life
stagnant, stuck in the repetitive
is enough to drive one to insanity
The possible, the unknown
our hopes, dreams, art, and love
Our subconscious need for more
than this day by day monotonous calendar
It shows us that we are more than physical drones
Each subconscious mind of each human-being is vastly different
Yet we are still capable of feeling unity
Oneness through our desire for the possible
Music is necessary for subconscious survival
Without memories, the icons, the feelings
That flow from the musical sounds
We would lose our integration, along with our individuality
Our connections would be flawed, nothing deeper than the physical
The arts expose our subconscious, our inner-ability to communicate the surreal
The creation and adoration of art, of music
Is timeless
We are always wanting to return to this timelessness
The flow of this togetherness
Oe with the subconsciou self
Or one with another
Eliminates distractions
Because one is so intent with the beauty at hand
It transcends ones static, unvaried physical self.

1 comment:

C.S. Perry said...

Perhaps our sense of Oneness or Unity is merely the "Phantom Limb" aspect of our own existence and maybe we are, after all, finally and irrevocably Alone in the world.