Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life is so fragile
One life gone, one death
leaves dozens of lives affected
Relationships ripped apart
by machines, accidents, murder, war
Hundreds of fatal possibilities
It would be more efficient to live alone forever
never having to deal with the pain of loss
yet we don't want to live in a solitary world, companionless
We want love.
We want intimacy,
passion, closeness
For me, love is the strongest emotion I have
By seeing someone's life shatter before their eyes today
The love of her life shot dead,
I have realized that what I'm going through is not loss
Distance isn't loss, I feel selfish
But at the same time it makes me hate waiting
Because as life ticks away,
so does the time I have to spend being in love
The time I have before I die, or the one I am meant to be with dies
There are an infinite amount of possibilities of when this could happen
I don't understand what life is all about, it's so delicate
Easily broken.
Like our hearts,
the hearts of the ones who are going through loss
Broken and full of the blood pumping through them
Keeping them alive
while they stare at the limp body
of the one that they will always love
Life is one twisted story
One which I doubt I'll ever understand.


C.S. Perry said...

When it comes to untimely's tough to go looking for the reason or sense or meaning in it. Mostly becasue you won't find any.
And maybe you'll wake up one day and look in the mirror and realize that nobody's ever broken your heart. It's all in your mind.
But it doesn't make the hard, cold and lonely midnights any easier when all you want is the comfort and warmth of another person.
But...just imagine your life without Desire. What good would it be? Even despite what the Buddha would have you believe about all his oh-so-noble Truths, life without desire is like a cake with no icing.
Or, at least, like a martini wihtout an olive, eh?

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, thank you for sharing this

LakeTahoeDan said...

Wow!, you are an amazing writer and have a unique way of describing what is. Even your: "about me" is profound.

"..An invisible hope surrounds my mind
Suffocating me in optimism
Enabling me to breath in the thought of your smile.."

incredible!, I cannot wait to read more. and thank you for publishing your blog.