Thursday, January 8, 2009

As I walk,
I leave my footprints behind me in the snow
Yet no one will ever know who those footprints belong to
The only ones that may have a chance at recognizing
are the ones who walk by my side,
but they still have the ability to forget, to overlook
What if every achievement I have in life is just another footprint?
My actions may be recognized,
but will my soul?
My being maybe ignored like most of the others.
My footprints may be covered in a layer of fresh snow,
Walked all over,
or just left unseen.
No matter what, there's always a chance that my efforts are leading me no where,
yet it's always worth trying anyway.
Even with the slightest chance at making a difference,
It's worth knowing if even only for myself,
that I tried to make a change.

1 comment:

LakeTahoeDan said...

I think that our footprints and achievemnts are only meaningful if we recognize them. It does not matter if they are "covered in a layer of snow" they are there and you/we know it, it is all about awareness.
I like how you come to this conlusion..."it's worth knowing if only for myself,..."
I think as long as you know what you are doing is the right thing then nothing or no-one else should matter, it is you you must please and be happy with and good things will follow.