Friday, June 26, 2009

Wondering what thoughts are going through the minds of the hundreds of passerby's
We're all looking for something, or someone
All lost in our own minds
Curious as to how many faces I've passed that I've never really seen
While we're all looking for love in all the wrong places
Searching the eyes of thousands of faces
Counting each second until we find what we think we're looking for
All time stops until we must say goodbye once again
Each moment slips through my fingers as quick as sand,
smooth, silently collecting into a pile on the floor
A pile of memories, the moments we've shared
I keep them in my mind on speed dial
Yet you never feel quite close enough
Eventually the wind carries them all away


Truthprevail8 said...

I was making mac n cheez , and rushed in here to tell you how much i miss all the seemingly distant times with you. I can't begin to explain how I remember moments so vividly... I rushed in here to tell you, I miss you, and knowing you are alive and there 1000 miles away, my mind is ... exhausted.

Claggie said...

what? this has nothing to do with my post. at all.

Truthprevail8 said...

you would know if we talked

halesgglou said...

painfully beautiful truth....