Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The truth is no matter how much a person claims that they're not afraid, it's a lie. Everyone is afraid to some extent. If you're human, you have the capability of hurt, of heartbreak, of loss. One word can completely change what kind of day your having. One person has the capacity to reshape the way you feel about yourself. Of course we're all scared, because we know that we're risking ourselves for the sake of happiness and for the sake of someone else's happiness. We want so badly to protect ourselves from the hurt that we protect ourselves from what good could come out of these situations as well. You cannot defend your heart from breaking without keeping yourself from really falling in love. If we would all just admit that we're scared of failure, of complete and utter heartbreak, we would be able to love with all of our hearts. Knowing that taking that risk is worth it just for the chance of maybe, just maybe falling in love with someone. There are always going to be roadblocks making us feel that our happiness is out of reach, but without these challenges, we wouldn't be able to know what it feels like to overcome. We all know how it feels to achieve something independently; imagine getting over these road bumps with someone on your side. Love is worth taking the risk. Let yourself fall.

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