Thursday, June 18, 2009

My mind is as made
as the sheets on my bed
Remaining touched only by my sleeping body, alone
I wake up every night dozens of times
Tossing and turning,
so many words to say
and no way to say them
We're in a room full of conversations
That we're not having
The words remain behind our eyes
Can you read me?
The words remain unspoken until we're too far away from each other to hear
Each letter falls to the floor before they travel the distance
Being swept into too much of a disarray to be arranged back into their initial meaning
My tongue remains tied,
double knotted with uncertainty
Your taste in my mouth has faded
Just like it always does
Although it certainly comes back in time
This dedication is intriguing
I do not hear you enough,
Your voice is beautiful
Time is passing too slow again,
like we're on two trains going in opposite directions
It all starts to blur together
I don't want to become the path I'm following
Blank papers sit, waiting for my words
Love letters that remain unsent
Yet to be written
I want to pull at my thread
Unravel myself back to the beginning
Start all over again

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