Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The knot that's been keeping my mind tied down for so long
has been ripped apart
I feel as if I am myself again
Yet, at times, my stomach still drops
I remember all that's been lost
but then I remind myself of the positivity that I've gained
I am sick of holding myself back
The invisible wall between me and the rest of my life
Will this complicated mess dissolve in time?
I feel that it will, but the anxiety is overwhelming
My patience is being sucked out of me, leaving me dry
I feel that my life is a constant strain of waiting, hoping,
waiting, hoping, when will it all fall into place?

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C.S. Perry said...

My own midnight guess has always been that everything will finally come together, be clear and make sense at last just about two minutes before we die.

And that would just about be my luck.