Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Isn't it incredible how fast hair grows? How hair stands on end and that they are called goosebumps? How simple things like nails growing, eyes blinking, and chests rising signify life. A broken bone and a broken heart have completely different meanings and entirely different cures. How tears of joy and tears of sadness can look the same, unless you look a person in the eye. And if one million people were lined up, I'd look only for you. How coffee always tastes better with a little milk and sugar. How trash cans are like diaries of our daily lives, yet it's all combined into one individual life. One ugly, smells-like-shit mound of garbage, that's the combination of all of our lives. One big mess. And how socks and mittens are incessantly going missing as if the hands and feet of the owner were in them when they weren't really in them. How fingers and eyelashes and lips feel on the skin. How it makes me blush. How it feels to sleep next to someone, even when their feet are freezing. We feel so vulnerable when we open up the rib cage and expose our hearts, but it's so easy to keep it locked up.


C.S. Perry said...

And even easier to throw away the key.

Boubou said...

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