Monday, October 20, 2008

Thoughts forming within the brain
Filling up the mind
The eyes
Each thought, pouring out
They're streaming down your face
Over the mouth that you have kept quiet
And onto the ground
Tears filling up every hole
On every pathway
Puddles of forgotten hopes
Ideas drowning themselves
In the flooded despair of locked up truth
A shattered skull leaving the brain unprotected
The mind, filling up with endless possibilities
Will we still fit together when we're no longer broken?
Our hands are interlocked so tightly, I think we will
It is possible this is a stairway leading to nowhere
but it's better than no stairway at all
Trying to make time go by faster with my mind
The clock ticks steadily, but it seems to be going slower and slower
With every breath I take, time slows, I'm sick of this
Waiting for the truth to bleed out from inside
Can someone be patient for an eternity?
Heavy breathing, panic
The end is a lonesome mystery
And with every end lies a new beginning
With no answers
How are we built to handle the never-ending questions?

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